Sunday, January 6, 2013

Un bon nombre d'autoportraits

Melissa Pinon "Self Portrait with Mickey Mouse" 2010

Melissa Pinon (b. 1972) is a French artist who paints and draws representationally, focusing on figurative work as well as some landscape and still-life. Originally from the Burgundy region, she moved to Paris to study graphic design and painting. She received a diploma from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. She also studied at the Casa de Velazquez, in Madrid. She currently lives and works in Paris. The artist's website can be found here.

Melissa Pinon "Au Taboret Rouge" 2007

Melissa Pinon "The Director" 2010


Anonymous said...

I' m verry proud to be present with my "self portraits" on this blog.
i invit every one who enjoy
my work to also visit my web site.

Best regards

Nancy Bea Miller said...

You're very welcome Melissa! Thank you for being part of the "Women in the Act of Painting" project! Nancy

valerie walsh said...

I remember the first painting! You showed it before on fb :)
i love her work, wonderful, compelling and strong!