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Daniel Huntington "Italy" 1843  National Museum  of American Art, Washington D.C.

Daniel Huntington (1816-1906) was born in New York City. He attended Yale University and Hamilton College, studying with F.B. Morse and others who later founded the National Academy of Design. Huntington became a fellow of that organization in 1839 and a full Academician in 1840. The artist traveled extensively in Europe, which he found inspiring. Another locale where he found a lot of subject matter for his work was in the White Mountain area of New Hampshire. Although he lived in New York City, for many years he shared a studio in Jackson, New Hampshire with a group of similar-minded artists that included Asher Durand and Aaron Shattuck.

Daniel Huntington "The Sketcher: a Portrait of Mlle. Rosina, a Jewess" 1858
The Brooklyn Museum, NYC

Huntington seems to have been by all accounts an intelligent, sincere and pleasant person who was esteemed and respected by the majority of his peers. He was twice elected president of the National Academy of Design and he was also the vice president of the Metropolitan Museum of Art for thirty-three years. He died at age 90 after a long career of travel, painting and leadership.

Daniel Huntington "Philosophy and Christian Art" 1868
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California

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