Friday, January 4, 2013


Emily Childers "Self Portrait" 1889  Leeds Art Gallery, Leeds, U.K.

Not much of substance can be learned about the training or career of English artist Emily Maria Eardley Childers (1866-1922) who was known as Milly. She was the daughter of prominent British politician Hugh Childers, and after he retired in 1892 father and daughter traveled together widely, with Milly painting landscapes and churches. It is said that her father's extensive contacts (as well as her own apparent talent) brought her some commissioned work, including a job as restorer and copyist at Temple Newsam, a huge estate in Leeds, England. 


Kate Stone said...

I bet you she got herself that red smock purely so she could do a self-portrait in it!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Good idea! :-) I need to go out and buy myself a red apron! Don't think they make smocks anymore.