Monday, January 8, 2018

Snowflake Painting

"I’m a Special Snowflake" oil on aluminum panel, 60” x 36”, 2017

Artist Alia El-Bermani has become fascinated with folded paper objects, using them as props in her paintings. She recently asked artist friends to mail her handmade paper snowflakes for this particular painting. She received hundreds of flakes from artists all over the world, some of which can be seen here. The two flakes which cover her face were made by her children several years ago and were included in another painting titled "Space Between." El-Bermani says, "In this new work my identity is somewhat obscured by their presence, but thru them I view the world more completely," referencing the exigencies and enlargement of motherhood,

Her intention is that when this painting is exhibited, the snowflakes in the painting will be installed near the piece and viewers will be asked to create their own flakes to add to the installation. The artist comments, "
This self portrait is an expression of how I often feel invisible amongst the blizzard of talent that is prevalent in our art world today, while also firmly believing in the solidity of my ability and relevance as a painter."

attended the Laguna College of Art and Design and runs a teaching studio in Raleigh, NC called Alia Fine Art Studios. More info on El-Bermani's work can be found at


Artworks by Anthe said...

Love it!Although I am so over the snow! Ready for a fire!

Alexandra Tyng said...

I've admired Alia's work for a long time. This thoughtful, original painting is one of my favorites among her recent works. Thank you for featuring it!