Sunday, December 2, 2012

Plein Air for Camphill painters!

Nancy Bea Miller "Betsey Batchelor Painting at Beaver Farm" 2012
These two paintings of women in the act of painting are from this year's Plein Air for Camphill, a non-traditional plein air event which benefits Camphill Special School in Kimberton, PA (USA.)

My son attends this school which is the only Waldorf school for kids with special needs in the whole of North America, although there are several other Camphill schools across the globe. Because this is the only one on this continent kids come from all over to attend this special program, and I do mean all over: Henry has had classmates from Kodiak Island, Alaska and from Bermuda!  There is a huge demand for this type of education for certain children and the school has been trying to expand to accommodate more students. They bought a nearby farm where the older students could be housed and food for the school could be raised and when I saw this beautiful place I realized I needed to get my artist friends involved in raising further funds. Hence the concept of Plein Air for Camphill, which is now a popular semi-annual event. This year's exhibition comes down later today but work will continue to be sold from the online gallery for the next several months:

Plein Air for Camphill 2012 Online Gallery

One note, the online gallery has not yet been updated since the show's opening reception where there were lots of sales, so there will be many, many, more "sold" notices appearing tomorrow. If you were interested in purchasing a piece, please don't get your hopes dashed if it is no longer available!

David Lee "Plein Air for Camphill (Molly Bolger Jenssen at work) "  2012


Molly Bolger-Jenssen said...

Thank you Nancy for bringing so many artists together for this most meaningful event. I felt so much warmth from the students, artists and staff both that day in the field and at the gallery. The show gave us a deep sense of that special place. I wish you and the school continued success.

Molly Bolger-Jenssen

Nancy Bea Miller said...

You are so welcome Molly! I was happy to finally get you involved...I love your work and your spirit!

Mary Walsh said...

What a lovely event it was!

Anonymous said...

I had such a good time both painting and viewing the paintings of others.

Anonymous said...

A great show with a great purpose!

Anonymous said...

David Lee - this is a lovely watercolor!