Monday, December 31, 2012


Lea Colie Wight  "Self Portrait"  2008
Lea Colie Wight is a Philadelphia based painter specializing in figurative work and still-life. She studied at the Minneapolis  College of Art and Design and Studio Incamminati, studying with the artist Nelson Shanks. She is now an instructor at Studio Incamminati.  The piece above was featured on the cover of American Artist Magazine (November 2009.)

Lea Colie Wight  "Self-Portrait"  2012

Wight maintains studios in New Jersey and in Philadelphia, PA. She is represented by Haynes Galleries, New Masters Gallery and Main Street Gallery. The artist's website can be seen here


Dianne Morrow said...

These are great. Thanks for sharing!

Dianne Morrow said...

The purple glove makes the painting. Good instincts--what separates the women from the boys :-)