Monday, November 19, 2012


Alia El-Bermani "Nocturne (self portrait)" 2006
Contemporary painter Alia El-Bermani is the mother of two young children and this painting shows a dedicated artist squeezing some studio time into a full domestic life after the children have gone to bed. As many mother-artists have found, that quiet alone time in the studio, even just a short space of time, can be enough to "grease the engine" for another busy day to come.

El-Bermani attended the Laguna College of Art and Design, where she won many of that institution's student awards. She is represented by Sullivan Goss Gallery in Santa Barbara California and The Loft Gallery in Puerta Vallerta, Mexico. El-Bermani is included in the current Converge exhibition in NYC.


Marianne said...

I have carved many hours of creative time the same way. She sure captures it!

Alexandra Tyng said...

Beautiful self-portrait-one of my favorites of Alia El-Bermani's work. The chiaroscuro is very effective in enhancing the expression and feeling.

Anonymous said...

Great to see the artist in her studio setting.