Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Multiple Annas

Anna Rose Bain "Artist at Work"  Collection of the Artist

Anna Rose Bain (b.1985) is a contemporary painter based in Texas. She attended Hillsdale College and also studied at the Florence Academy. She says of her own work, "My paintings are an expression of gratitude. They often depict men, women, or children in peaceful settings or places that evoke happiness. My art focuses on the enjoyment of life, and is permeated with a love for nature, music, and all things good."

Anna Rose Bain "Twin Arts"  Collection of the Artist 

Bain has an identical twin sister. In her painting "Twin Arts" the artist may be referring to herself and her twin literally, or she may be visually addressing the difficulty of choosing between two artistic passions.   If the latter, Bain is almost certainly referencing Angelica Kauffman's iconic painting on the same subject,  "Self Portrait, The Artist Hesitating Between the Arts of Music and Painting."

Angelica Kauffman "Self Portrait, The Artist Hesitating Between the Arts of Music and Painting" 1791 Nostell Priory, Yorkshire, UK

Bain has accrued numerous honors, including being selected as a finalist for the Hunting Art Prize in 2012.  She is represented by Weiler House Fine Art Gallery in Fort Worth, Texas. The artist's own website can be seen here.

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