Thursday, February 7, 2013

Louise C. Fenne

Louise C. Fenne "Painter at Work"  2004
Louise Camille Fenne (b. 1979) is a native of Denmark. She studied drawing at the Glyptothek in Copenhagen, then enrolled at the Florence Academy in Italy. After that she studied in various other locales around Europe, finally returning to Denmark where she now lives and works. She exhibits at Ann Long Fine Art and Eleanor Ettinger Gallery. Her work is a combination of realist and fantasist and she concentrates mainly on portraits, figure and still-life. Her website can be seen here.

Louise C. Fenne "Woman at Work"  2006

Louise C. Fenne "Self-Portrait with Cockatoo" 2006

Louise C. Fenne "Self Portrait with My Muse" 2012


valerie walsh said...

incredible work! i love her paintings :)

Nancy Bea Miller said...

She really IS something!

Marianne said...

I love that first one especially!

Kate Stone said...

Louise Fenne's da bomb. I saw a show at Ann Long that consisted of her and her husband's work. Their paintings complement each other, as they should.