Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Woman Artist

Gabriël Metsu (1629-1667) dutch "A Woman Artist"  private collection

This painting is believed to depict Metsu's wife Isabella de Wolff (1631-1718) who often posed for him. Also known as  "Le Corset Rouge" it is dated 1661-4.  It should be noted that de Wolff was not simply posing as an artist, but she really was an artist, or at least, she was trained as an artist. Isabella de Wolff's mother, Maria de Grebber, was one of the famous De Grebber painting family from Haarlem, and she and her father and brothers were all practicing artists. 

Maria de Grebber (1602-1680)

This painting of Isabella de Wolff's mother Maria de Grebber is usually attributed to Gabriël Metsu but there is some disagreement among scholars, and it is possible that this is a self-portrait.

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Christine @ More Creative Life said...

Painting in white fur! The mind boggles. (Although I don't suppose she actually painted in that getup.)